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Roman Catholics observe Divine Mercy Sunday today, April 11.

Manila Bulletin 11 Apr 2021
Initiated by Saint John Paul II on April 30, 2000 during the canonization of Polish nun Saint Faustina Kowalska, the Apostle of Divine Mercy, devotees habitually recite the Novena and Chaplet of the Divine Mercy every day at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The world’s tallest statue ...

Hold back your bulldozers, Mr. Nitish Kumar, don’t erase KBL, a living piece of learning

The Siasat Daily 10 Apr 2021
So, one day it was B N Pandey speaking on Aurangzeb while the other day it was Sahitya Akademi awardee poet Kaleem Ajiz reciting the couplets that described the enormous pain this world had inflicted on his psyche.


British Theatre Guide 08 Apr 2021
No longer inhabitants of Olympus, the gods now live on earth in a world similar to our own, but they carried with them the destiny decided for them at birth by the Fates ... The ugliness of the world is brought to us in a parallel narrative from Ares, god of war, who can recite the names of wars and murderers lest we forget.

Boy, 4, can recite all 118 elements of the periodic table from memory in just 80 seconds

Metro UK 07 Apr 2021
A science-obsessed four year-old can recite all 118 elements on the period table from memory in just 80 seconds ... Bhavik also has another record attempt in his sight – he wants to break the record for the fastest recitation of the world’s countries and capitals, and has so-far learned 200.

Nadda targets DMK for 'foul' language against DalitsThe top BJP leader said no one should ...

Deccan Herald 03 Apr 2021
Accusing DMK leaders of using 'foul' language recently against Dalits, late AIADMK matriarch 'Amma' and women, he said it was very unfortunate ... Read ... Read ... Hailing the Tamil language, he said it is one of the oldest in the world ... In 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recited Tamil poet Kaniyan Poonkundranar's 'Yaadum Oorey' verses that denote unity.

Proud Boy arrested for Capitol riot with help of photo at antifa website

Raw Story 01 Apr 2021
Here's how Bru's apprehension was described by the website of Oregon Public Broadcasting. ... "In that video, Bru is shirtless and holding the "ok" sign, says he is "a proud western chauvinist" and refuses "to apologize for creating the modern world." A number of people then punch him while he struggles to recite the names of five breakfast cereals ... 6 ... .

The cause of Muslim weightlessness in the world today

The Siasat Daily 31 Mar 2021
Even those who know Arabic prefer to listen to famous reciters of the Qur’an in order to enjoy the recital, not as a guide and source of inspiration and admonition ... It is the book which lifted the barefoot illiterate Arabs into guides and masters of the world within decades of its first revelation in 610 CE.

Americans believe in work. WeWork preyed on that instinct.

Vox 31 Mar 2021
I am what is often called an “elder millennial,” born in 1983, and my age cohort and I are accustomed to recitations of the myth that actually, the company that pays us money in exchange for our labor — if we’re lucky enough to evade the gig economy’s clutches — is “more like a family” than a business.

Remembering MLK’s Prophetic ‘Mountaintop’ Speech and the revelation of first verse of Quran during the ...

The Tennessee Tribune 30 Mar 2021
During this pandemic, Muslims all over the world face challenging times, but fasting and reciting Qur’an provides a safe refuge and peace in the words of God during the month of Ramadan ... It’s Muslims tradition to recite Holy Quran, break the fast, and pray all in congregation and collectively.

The Critics of Lil Nas X and “Montero” Are Telling on Themselves

New York Observer 30 Mar 2021
Conservative Christians are constantly telling us what is bad for children ... “U decided to let your child listen, blame yourself,” he told Joyner Lucas on Twitter ... It’s good for them ... The song starts with Lil Nas X performing a brief spoken recitation. “In life we hide the parts of ourselves we don’t want the world to see…but here, we don’t ... .

Unbecoming Aly

The Daily Californian 29 Mar 2021
This admiration of books, combined with my drive to become the youngest author in the world, inspired me to write just like Stead — to write like there was no tomorrow ... I suppose this makes sense since all that I knew in the fifth grade was how to play tetherball and how to see the world from only my own eyes.

Out of step: Life with lupus and learning how to walk again

Al Jazeera 29 Mar 2021
Four years before I forgot how to walk, I’d already fallen out of step with the world around me ... I never felt more out of sync with the rest of the world than the year I spent bedridden and recovering after forgetting how to walk ... There are no instructions for relearning how to be a person in the world.

I’m happy to hang up the phone, cut the cable and wallow in the nostalgia ...

Penn Live 26 Mar 2021
When a friend noted the other day that she had unplugged her landline, it got me thinking. I haven’t had a landline for five or six years. Haven’t missed it ... ALSO READ ... Repeatedly viewing episodes of “M*A*S*H” with him until we could recite the dialogue. Sitting with my dad after he moved in with me and watching John Wayne refight World War II ... .

Catherine King Ford

Victoria Advocate 25 Mar 2021
VICTORIA — Catherine King Ford came into this world on September 26, 1919, during the Spanish Flu Epidemic and left this world at the age of 101 on March 21, 2021, when COVID 19 Epidemic gripped the world ... Wherever they were in the world they were thinking of them and shopping for all.

Emirati poet, 90, recounts reciting a poem for Sheikh Hamdan at his wedding

Gulf News 24 Mar 2021
“In this picture, I was reciting a poem for the late Shaikh Hamdan on the occasion of his wedding,” said the poet. Al Ahbabi, sporting a traditional Khanjar — or the Emirati dagger for the special occasion — is seen reciting the poem for Sheikh Hamdan ... Why Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world.